2018-2019 Questions and Answers

You’ve Got Questions–We’ve Got Answers!

Hewitt Elementary School

2018 – 2019

Arrival and Line-Up   Consistent with our new security protocols, all class line ups will be indoors starting the first day of school, Wednesday, September 5th.  Students will report to the main entrance at 8:50 am and be welcomed to enter by grade, starting with Kindergarten.  All Kindergarten students will be escorted to the gymnasium to meet their teacher.  Students in grades 1 through 5 will enter the building and line up outside their classroom where they are supervised by our staff.

School Supplies  No school supplies need to be brought in on the first day of school.  Classroom teachers will let you know which day to bring in your school supplies.  The 2018-2019 school supply list is posted on Hewitt’s web page.  Please go to the district web site (www.rvcschools.org).  Click on the Select a School drop down menu at the top of the page and choose Jennie E. Hewitt Elementary School.  You’ll find the link to the School Supply Lists in the Recent News section.  Scroll down to find the particular list you need.

Drop-off and Valet   Every morning beginning at 8:45 am, there is a Valet Drop-Off on the DeMott Avenue side of the building where Hewitt staff, assisted by Safety Patrol, will help children out of the car and direct them into the building.  Please do not use the bus cut outs on Hempstead Avenue to drop off your children before 9:00 am.  These cut outs must be available for our four morning buses.  Please note that drop off in the rear of the building is NOT permitted and U-turns on Hempstead Avenue are strictly prohibited.

Start Their Day in a Timely Way Lessons begin at 9:00 am.  Your child(ren) should arrive at Hewitt between 8:45 and 8:55 am to allow them time to unpack and be ready to learn.  Your child(ren) will be marked tardy upon arrival after 9:00 am.  Please allow a few extra minutes so your child(ren) may start the day in a calm and organized manner.

Dismissal Kindergarteners are dismissed at 3:15 pm from the main entrance.  All other students are dismissed at 3:26 pm.  Grades 1, 3 and 5 are dismissed through the doors by the auditorium.  Grades 2 and 4 are dismissed from the main entrance.

Afternoon Bus Students  In the afternoon, bus students in grades K through 2 MUST be met at their stop by a parent, guardian or other designated adult.  If these youngsters are not met at the bus, the bus driver will bring them back to Hewitt and they will have to be picked up at school.

Parking  Hewitt visitors may park in legal spaces on the street in the surrounding neighborhood.   Please observe all street parking signs and restrictions.  There is no visitor parking permitted in the rear parking lot.

Walkers Please review the importance of crossing DeMott, East Gate, or Hempstead Avenue with your child(ren).  Our crossing guard is present to assist at the Hempstead and DeMott Avenue intersection.  Crossing in the middle of the street or between stopped cars or school buses is strictly prohibited.

Visitors/Security  All parents, students and visitors must enter and leave Hewitt through the security vestibule at the front of the school.  All adults must show a photo ID and sign in with our Security Guard.  The rear parking lot is reserved for HEWITT staff; please do not park or double park in the rear of the building.

Absences/Early Dismissal  Please be sure to notify BOTH the classroom teacher and the nurse if your child will be absent or will need to leave school for any reason during the day.

New York State law requires that parents report their child(ren)’s absences. Please call the Absentee Hotline (516-393-5202) prior to the start of the school day – day or night.  When leaving a message, please include the following information: Your child’s first and last name, classroom teacher’s name, and reason for absence.  Please post the Absence Hotline number in a place where it is easily accessible and add it to your cell phone contacts.  After 9:00 am, please call and ask to speak to the school nurse, Mrs. O’Rourke.  Please call EVERY time your child is not in school.

If there are any changes to your child(ren)’s normal dismissal, please send a written note to the classroom teacher(s).  Please do not email your child’s teacher this information.  If there is a substitute teacher that day, they may not receive the message.  In the event of an emergency, please call the school as soon as possible. Please do not call to arrange play dates.

NEW Lunch Schedule:

Grades Recess Lunch
K, 2, 4 11:45 – 12:10 12:10 – 12:35
1, 3, 5 and RISE 12:25 – 12:50 12:50 – 1:15

Home for Lunch If your child(ren) goes home for lunch, please send a written note to the classroom teacher(s).  Parents/Guardians, please pick up your child(ren) from our Security Vestibule at the beginning of the lunch period. At the end of the lunch period, please walk them back into the building and sign them in at the Security Vestibule.  **Please note that crossing guards are not on duty during lunch. 

Project Great Project Great is the before and/or after school program at Hewitt. Applications may be obtained by calling the Community Education Office (255-8953) or by downloading forms from the RVC District web site at www.rvcschools.org.

PTA This year’s first PTA meeting will be held in the Hewitt Gymnasium on Wednesday, September 5th at 7:30 pm with a tour for new parents at 7:00 pm.  The PTA Co-Presidents are Mrs. Maccone and Mrs. Rocafort.

School Closings Please refer to the school district calendar for information regarding holidays, school closings, and early dismissal days.